Birth of American textiles

Slater Mill offers standing exhibitions in Slater Mill and Wilkinson Mill, designed to interpret factory and machine shop operations.  At Sylvanus Brown House, an architectural interpretation of 18th century life in Pawtucket, in the home in which Samuel Slater spent his first night in the village.

Wilkinson Mill’s 16,000 pound waterwheel, and its powering of a functioning machine shop above it – including shafts, gears, lathes, drills, saws, and other machinery used to service Samuel Slater’s mills – is a unique, active exhibition – one of few of its kind in the United States today.

Gallery exhibitions of traditional and contemporary art, and industrial history themes, are also presented within the museum complex annually.  Recent exhibitions include “The Mother of All Strikes: The 1824 Textile Worker Turn Out,” “Weaving Traditions of the Ocean State,” Donna Berger’s “The Mill Girls,” (2014), and “Art Deco,” a photography exhibition by Providence College Students (2015).

A different kind of exhibition is happening in Hodgson Park in June 2015: an exhibition of antique and classic automobiles, in celebration of the anniversary of Samuel Slater’s birth, June 9.

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