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Donors may choose to support Slater Mill by becoming a member, by making an annual gift, or an automatic monthly donation via credit card, by donating to a specific program fund, or by sponsoring a specific event.

Gifts to Slater Mill underwrite general operations, educational scholarships, capital improvement projects, exhibits, and special events.  Your donation to Slater Mill is an investment in the museum, and its ongoing mission and presence in the community.

Gifts of any denomination are welcomed, and very much appreciated! Donors and sponsors receive special recognition, and member or donor benefits associated with your chosen giving plan.

Annual Appeal
Monthly Donation by Credit Card
Educational Scholarships
Capital Project Initiatives
Program and Event Sponsorship
Planned Estate Giving

Annual Fund

Your gift to Slater Mill’s Annual Fund supports the visitor experience at the museum, and daily museum operations.  This fund provides assurance that Slater Mill will remain open and available to the public.

Suggested giving levels:

$1000 – Matches the original donation of each Founding Member in 1921
$  500 – Funds the historic restoration of one window in the Wilkinson Mill
$  250 – Underwrites Ellis Island Immigration re-enactment experienceof 17 students
$  100 – Provides in-classroom interpretation program for 10 students
$   50 – Matches the take-home weekly (72 hrs!) wages of two child mill workers in 1800
$   30 – Supports the visits of 4 school children to Slater Mill

Monthly Gift by Credit Card

Donors may consider making an automatic monthly donation by credit card, to spread out your gift during the year, and eliminate one item on our to-do list.

Monthly gifts support general operations of the Slater Mill Historic Site – a very important component of keeping the museum in business.

In addition to the basics of keeping the archival collections under climate control, keeping the museum heated or cooled as needed, and simply keeping the lights on, the support of our basic operating needs enables us to use other grant funds to support free admissions to school-aged students when requested, sponsor educational exhibits and program, and other outreach benefits to the communities at large.

Educational Scholarships

Gifts to Slater Mill may be directed toward our Educational Scholarship Program, which provides free or reduced visitation rates for disadvantaged students of all grade levels, in underserved communities in our region.

Programs funded by Slater Mill Educational Scholarships include in-classroom programs, museum campus tours, the Immigration Program, learning in the Apprentice Alcove, and other special or targeted curricula.

Your gift benefits these programs at the following levels:

$5000 – Underwrites an enrichment field trip experience for 250 students of varying ages
$2500 – Underwrites a complete Package Tour Program for a district elementary grade
$1000 – Enables 75 school-aged children to take a tour of the Slater Mill campus
$  500 – Sponsors an Apprentice Alcove experience for three 20-student classrooms

Capital Project Initiatives

Wilkinson Mill Window Preservation Campaign

The 1810 Wilkinson Mill celebrated its bicentennial in 2010. It is an integral part of the Slater Mill Historic Site.

The preservation of the historic windows of Wilkinson Mill is a fitting way to honor the Mill’s past, and celebrate the unique way in which this Mill educates visitors today – being one of the few working waterwheel demonstration sites, that powers a functional machine shop, in the United States.

Seventy-nine windows are being preserved in the Wilkinson Mill, at a total cost of $43,000 – an average cost of $545 per window.  The process involves the removal of each window, damage to wood repair, wood surface restoration, window reglazing, and re-finishing with putty and exterior paint, and then re-installation.

Donors who contribute a minimum of $545 to this project will receive special recognition on a plaque to be installed in the Wilkinson Mill.

Slater Mill Turbine Restoration Project

An ongoing initiative to provide an exhibition that speaks to the history of waterpower at Slater Mill, as well as to today’s renewable energy dialogue, Slater Mill’s Turbine Restoration Project is a multi-phased, multi-year effort to restore the physical presence of two turbines to the subsurface bay of the Slater Mill.

Federal grant funding from Housing and Urban Development, and the Save America’s Treasures program, have enabled the Old Slater Mill Association to complete early phases of this project, including repointing of the mill race, de-silting the channel, and raising the submerged turbines from their housing in order to have them refurbished.

The primary goal of the Turbine Restoration Project is to restore the presence of the turbines to benefit the interpretive program at Slater Mill, to facilitate learning about the harnessing of waterpower to further American industry, as a supplemental science and engineering educational narrative.  A secondary goal is to restore a small amount of renewable energy to the Slater Mill building, to allow a limited demonstration of its power on the mill floor, and potentially to power a small blacksmith shop – the construction of which is an additional short-term goal of the Association, as an arts and vocational education piece.

Planned Estate Giving

When asked to consider Slater Mill, or any worthwhile charitable cause, as a legacy gift in one’s will, the response is often, “I don’t have a will.”

That is step one in Estate Planning.

If you are working with an attorney on the draft of a will, please consider preserving your legacy in the community with a planned gift to the Old Slater Mill Association.

You gift may be specific –  for the benefit of growing the Slater Mill Endowment Fund, for establishing a separate fund through the R.I. Foundation that provides an annual distribution to Slater Mill, or simply as a one-time gift that benefit the annual operation of the museum.

Bequests also reduce the payment of Estate Taxes.

The Internal Revenue Service has set rules that encourage I.R.A. Rollover Contributions for charitable purposes, and other vehicles that facilitate Legacy giving.

Please consult your estate planning professional for additional information.